Can Dogs Sense Pregnancy?

It’s pretty obvious that dogs sense a lot of things that humans can’t. But can they sense when their human’s are pregnant? I believe so. Dunder, my German Shepherd, would always jump on my wife as soon as she got home from work, but shortly after becoming pregnant that stopped. Now he will greet her in a very gentle way.

My little dog, Munster, has always been affectionate, but recently I’ve noticed him cuddling in a different way. He will now go up to my wife and put his ear against her belly, almost as if he is listening to the baby. See for yourself.

Heroes in a Half Shell…Baby Power!

I’m an 80’s kid. So naturally I was obsessed (understatement) with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and still am.Ninja Turtle Baby Clothes

When I saw these items in the store, I had to buy them. In fact, the bib and Michelangelo socks were the first thing that I ever bought my future baby.

This lead me to look back and think about all of the TMNT gear and toys that I had growing up and I couldn’t help but wonder what cartoon my kid will be into. Whatever it is, I know I will watch it too and have fun with it just like my parents did. Until then… COWABUNGA LITTLE DUDE!

A Few Drops of Pee and Invisible Ink

A few months ago, I found out that I was going to be a father. Watching those two little pink lines appear on the pregnancy test was almost unreal. I was overwhelmed and wanted to call all of my friends and family to share the news, but also wanted to wait until after the first trimester…so I waited (Video coming soon).

Then I started to think about the next few months, is it a boy or a girl, will the baby be healthy, who am I going to eat sushi with, what I could do to prep the house, will I be a good father, etc etc. And yes, there are a million things to do, but for now I’m just taking it one day at a time.