The Nursery. Part 2

I have a lot to do still, but so far we purchased a crib, dresser, and painted an accent wall. We also made some trips to baby stores like Babies “R” Us, Buy Buy Baby, and Once Upon a Child. We made some great finds at all stores. I must say that Once Upon a Child (a second hand store) really surprised me. As you can see there is a huge pile of onesies, they were 10 for $10 and a lot of them still had the original price tag on them.

Now that it is almost fully furnished I need to start decorating and organizing. Baby shower gifts are starting to pile up among other purchases. Just over 2 months to go, time to get it done!IMG_4973_1 IMG_4974_1 IMG_4975_1

Baby Moon #2

This weekend we decided to take a short vacation (pups included) to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and also squeeze in one more little trip before the baby comes. We rented a place on and found a nice little place just north of San Francisco.
It was nice to get away and experience life in a small town. Our place was very remote which helped us unwind from the stress that can come from a busy day to day life. We all had a great time. It was a great relaxing vacation…almost a calm before the storm.


Dunder & Munster playing in the orchard.

fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon7 fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon13

Got a chance to sneak in a couple pregnancy shots.


Dunder playing in the tall grass.


fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon11fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon9 fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon8

A quick trip to Bodega Bay where I used to camp as a kid.


I guess you can see where my inspiration for my logo came from.


Hiking with the boyz.


Whale Watching


This is how dogs were meant to live.


fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon4   fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon1


Tired pups after a weekend of non-stop play.

The Nursery. Part 1

A room that once only contained an extra bed, old curtains, and off season clothes will now be converted into my son’s bedroom. There is so much potential here. I know that I only need a few basic things like a crib, changing table, etc. But I really want to go all out. I want to paint the room, decorate it, and make it a magical place for growing boy. I am even toying with the idea of painting something along the walls: dinosaurs, safari animals, ninja turtles. I’m not sure yet if that will happen. For inspiration I’ve downloaded the Houzz app for Kid’s Rooms. Pretty inspirational rooms on there, but will be a lot of effort to make it “Houzz worthy”. I will, however, try my best to make it awesome and will post my progress here. Here are some before pictures:

fetch and fatherhood

One thing I need to do is get plantation shutters because this room gets really bright.

fetch and fatherhood

fetch and fatherhood

And if you have dogs, you know that they are always curious about what you are doing. Dunder and Munster always have to be right in the middle of any given task that I have.

fetch and fatherhood

It’s a Boy Story! Baby Shower Invitations

UPDATE Feb 23,2016: WE WROTE A CHILDREN’S BOOK! and its coming out very soon! Please check here to be the first to see it!

As a designer, I’d rather spend time creating a custom invitation than go out and purchase a pack from the store.  I really wanted to get creative with the Baby Shower invitation and announcement of the sex. As a life long Disney fan,  it didn’t take long for me to come up with the theme of the baby shower and the idea for the matching invitation.  Here is Toy Story inspired outcome. TO INFANCY AND BEYOND!!!


And the back side with some information changed for this post. 🙂



Dunder and Munster are getting ready for some strange things to happen to the world they once knew.


And here are some initial sketches. Originally I thought about having the back be an etch a sketch, but I really wanted to draw Buzz Lightyear along with a few other Toy Story Characters.


Thanks for looking!

UPDATE Feb 23,2016: WE WROTE A CHILDREN’S BOOK! and its coming out very soon! Please check here to be the first to see it!

Announcing the Pregnancy on Social Media

After the first trimester, my wife and I decided that it was time to announce the pregnancy on Facebook and Instagram. This is of course after personally telling our family and close friends. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this, so I kept it simple. I took a picture of our two fur-babies and let them tell the story. I just hoped people knew it was for another baby and not another dog.

To Dad, Love Byron

I drew this in 1988 and signed it “To Dad, Love Byron”. After my dad passed away in September, I found this in his brief case next to the deed to his house and living trust…wow.

To Dad, Love Byron

To Dad, Love Byron

As a kid, I would just sit down and draw for hours, I started with Disney characters and dinosaurs, then in 88′ Ninja Turtles came out so I focused mainly on that. At that time these drawings were just that, drawings. I don’t know why I drew so much, but I do remember when I was done, I loved the recognition I would get when I would give them to my parents. They would smile and tell me what a great job I did and hang the drawings on the fridge. Once the fridge was covered, the drawings were hung on the door to the garage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 1.14.44 PM

Finding my drawings in my dad’s briefcase was surprising to say the least. I haven’t seen this drawing since I drew it in 1988. I couldn’t help but think that my dad held on to this drawing to remind him of a moment in time that would pass way too quickly. The drawing and the signature “To Dad, Love Byron” shows a bond between father and son at it’s early stages. One stage of many that have come and gone, living only as memories now.

I hope one day my son will hand me a drawing like this. Looking forward to experiencing this from the father’s point of view.

10 Seconds Seemed Like an Hour

The first time we went to hear the baby’s heart beat was such a nerve racking and exciting time for me. It only took a few seconds to find it, but to me that was one of the longest moments in my life. So many thoughts were running thru my head. What if they can’t find it? What if there’s something wrong? I was so nervous, it seemed like they took hours to find it and then….there it was. The fastest tiny little heart beat I’ve ever heard. Well, aside from mine at the time. It was that moment when I knew that shit just got real. Absolutely real.