Baby Moon #2

This weekend we decided to take a short vacation (pups included) to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and also squeeze in one more little trip before the baby comes. We rented a place on and found a nice little place just north of San Francisco.
It was nice to get away and experience life in a small town. Our place was very remote which helped us unwind from the stress that can come from a busy day to day life. We all had a great time. It was a great relaxing vacation…almost a calm before the storm.


Dunder & Munster playing in the orchard.

fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon7 fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon13

Got a chance to sneak in a couple pregnancy shots.


Dunder playing in the tall grass.


fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon11fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon9 fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon8

A quick trip to Bodega Bay where I used to camp as a kid.


I guess you can see where my inspiration for my logo came from.


Hiking with the boyz.


Whale Watching


This is how dogs were meant to live.


fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon4   fetch-and-fatherhood-baby-moon1


Tired pups after a weekend of non-stop play.

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