10 Things I’ve learned in the first 5 months of Fatherhood

1. Be patient, its hard to get woken up at all hours of the night, but you’ll get used to it. I used to see it as a chore, but now I see it as hugging my son to sleep.
2. Everything is a phase, and they pass quickly. The good and the bad things.
3. Don’t stress out. When making the decision to have kids, we didn’t do it because we had to, we did it because we wanted to enjoy every moment with them. So enjoy all of it!
4. Kids grow fast. You’ll see drastic changes even within a couple weeks. Take lots of pictures (with you included) and capture each moment.
5. Take advantage of their naps! In order to run a house hold, take care of items while they sleep. You have 30 minutes to 2 hours max, so as soon as they go to sleep take care of business. Don’t play with your phone, etc. Clean, cook, workout etc. That time is precious. If you finish early take some time for yourself and put your feet up.
6. If people offer help. take it.
7. If you have a boy, cover him while you change him. I didn’t at first, but getting pee’d on at 2am will change your mind.
8. Take care of yourself. Eat, healthy, exercise, and even sleep if you can. Having a healthy body will make these physically draining times a little easier.
9. Have fun! These moments are amazing! Roll with the punches and cherish each moment.
10. Love your baby! These times go by fast and you will miss these phases. My son is 5 months old and I’m already sad at how fast he is growing. You will miss these days especially when he’s driving away in your car as you want nothing more than to just sit and hang out with him.

Here we are enjoying SF at a coffee shop.


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